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Wicricnews.com Admin

I created this site with the sole purpose of providing a centralized location for West Indies Cricket News. As a die hard fan trying to keep up to date, I would search around the internet daily for West Indies team and player news. I figure I’ve been doing all that work to inform myself why not create a website where other fans can also get the same information. With that came the creation of wicricnews.com

There are already some great websites out there which I find very useful as a fan:

WICB’s Website (www.windiescricket.com)

WIPA’s Website (www.wiplayers.com)

CaribbeanCricket.com – Personal favorite of mine and I highly recommend the forums.


Besides me being a fan of those sites wicricnews.com is in no way related to the WICB or WIPA (a question I’ve been asked allot).

A second reason which influenced the creation of the site is to highlight players. Too often a new player comes on the scene and then gets lost after a few bad games. Articles posted on the site are tagged with player names which makes them searchable for quick updates.

With respect to articles linked on wicricnews.com; it is of no intention of mine to violate any copyrights owned by the sources. The sole purpose for any content being posted on wicricnews.com is for the information of West Indies Cricket Fans. Articles reposted (most times ‘highlights’ of the article) from published sources are given credit and a link at the bottom of the text. Many of the text contains a direct link to the source.

If any of the linked sources take objection to their content being posted and linked on wicricnews.com please contact me and it will be taken down immediately.

Wicricnews.com also posts original content from fans and anyone who would like to contribute to the site or considerately use it as a media outlet for their points of view. If you have a cricket related article, player interview, local club game pictures, scores etc. and would like to submit it to be considered and possibly posted on wicricnews.com please contact me via the site contact. If you just have an opinion and would like to air it quickly you can do so in the website forum.

The website can also be found on facebook and twitter by following the respective buttons on the upper right navigation bar. If you find wicricnews.com useful (and I am guessing you do by now reading all the way down here) you can pass on the favor and suggest the site, it’s facebook or it’s twitter to other West Indies Cricket fans.

Cheers & Rally!

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