St John’s, Antigua – WICB CEO Dr. Ernest Hilaire said that while the Board has a policy of exposing more players to international cricket, there has been no move to axe any player permanently from playing for the West Indies.
“The selectors have a Selection Policy and are moving forward and building a broad pool of international players. The first action is to expose more players. And that does not mean that the WICB is abandoning older players,” Dr. Hilaire said as he participated in an exclusive interview with regional commentator Andrew Mason for the Mason and Guest radio show on the Starcomm Network.
“Having established in your mind what the core of your team is that you will build around, you now need to find the other players who will fit into the squad and that is what the selectors are seeking to do and in the application of the policy we expect that players will be rotated from time to time,” Dr. Hilaire said.
“I have read sensational stories in the media about players being sacked and axed but I would appeal to the public to understand that this is about building a pool of players for the future. We are exposing players at the international level to see how comfortable, competent and capable they are.
“If you go back to October 2010, the Board had set out a Selection Policy to guide the selectors moving forward. We had set the 2015 World Cup as a target for when we should have a team which will challenge as World Champions,” the CEO outlined.
“The selectors have not said that they are axing, dropping or dismissing any particular player permanently. They are pursuing a policy of exposing newer players and giving other players an opportunity to play. I would not go down the road of saying that any player will not play for West Indies again,” Dr. Hilaire clarified.
“We expect that there will be public criticism because we are a diverse region and there are always some people who believe that some players must always play and there will be some people who believe that we need to try new players,” Dr Hilaire said.
“But there is no indication that any player has been axed or will not play for West Indies again. The selectors will speak to each of the players to explain what the plans are and how they fit into the plan. The players will not always be happy but there is a bigger picture which is West Indies cricket and we expect that confidential discussions between players and selectors will remain as such.
Speaking specifically about opening batsman Chris Gayle, Dr. Hilaire explained that Gayle has not yet undergone a fitness test following his injury sustained during the Cricket World Cup.
“(Chris) has not yet been invited to do a fitness test and I am sure when the Team Management is ready they will decide on him undergoing a fitness test,” Dr. Hilaire said.
The full interview can be heard on www.vob929.com on Tuesday April 19 at 6:15pm Eastern Caribbean Time

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  1. @baxup

    I am used to a different set of circumstances. You may be my direct report but I do my job and I do mine within an accountability framework. This is what Governance is about and I am fed up of whipping a dead Horse here so I will take my leave.

    The WICB fails.

  2. @Mail

    Directly to your point it should be the Coach, Manager and Selectors.

    However, the general direction of where to take the sporting organisation needs to be agreed on with those 3 parties and the president and CEO.

    What this is telling me is that there is a known plan (good or bad) which the WICB is working towards.

    That way also we know when things aren’t going true to what is expected in 5 years they all will be under the sword.

  3. @baxup

    Why? You have to have segregation of duties in all business environments and whilst it is of interest and formulates the core of what the WICB does.

    I would expect the Coach and Team Manager to focus on such matters.

  4. @Mail

    This is what I mean about how the WICB do things selection and team matters have nothing to do with the President and CEO.

    Really?? I would be very pissed if that was the case.


    This is what I mean about how the WICB do things selection and team matters have nothing to do with the President and CEO.