Pakistani spinners, with their bowling doosras, have played a significant role in the team’s two easy wins against the West Indies in the current one-day series, but former West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding has questioned the legality of the delivery. ..

“My belief regarding the doosra is very clear, I don’t think it can be bowled legally,” said Holding while commentating during the second one-day international in St. Lucia…

“I find it difficult to believe any human being can bowl that delivery with his wrist alone, the elbow has to be used for the power. It’s a matter of how much elbow power the bowler uses and the ICC obviously believes some bowlers use less than the 15 degrees and others don’t, as only some bowlers actions are questioned and reported,” PakPassion.net quoted Holding as saying…


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  1. @paulwall

    With respect Sir, craziest thing I have ever heard fella. Why would you want to do that? If someone cannot pick the googley would you restrict that as well?

    You can argue that bouncers cannot be hit if well over the shoulders and its preponderance can lead to negative Cricket. Currently, I believe you are effectively allowed two bouncers one well directed and one ‘wide’, subject to correction here.

    In fact I see no reason to limit bouncers to one an over with anything above shoulder height being called a wide.

  2. It should be limited like bouncers.


    I beg to differ, however with a more rounded arm it is easily spotted.