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  1. The charge that a West Indian team never walked off a tour is incorrect. When Clive Lloyd and the team walked away in 1978 because of disagreement with the Board’s dropping of players that had newly signed with Packer that was in the middle of a series. The only difference was that a “second Xl” West Indies team took their place. It seems to me that Hinds is laying all the blame at the feet of the players which I disagree. This situation in my opinion is a reflection of how poorly the WICB has managed West Indies cricket particularly in this new environment of Global sports entertainment. A fundamental concept seems to always be lost on the people that run West Indies cricket that people come to the park or turn their TV sets on to see the players and not them. A question that has not been raised why is it that there are not title sponsors for this new PCL from which the salaries of first class players could have been subsidized. As a resident in the USA I was looking forward to see this first class season on TV to my disappointment all that is available a poor US Stream.