A lack of sponsorship has ruled out the possibility of live television coverage or the production of highlights packages of the current West Indies Cricket Board’s (WICB) Regional Four-Day Championship.

Since Carib Beer ended its six-year sponsorship in 2007, the regional four-day competition has been played without a sponsor.

During Carib Beer’s sponsorship, WICB was able to provide weekly highlights packages to television stations in the region.

But Corporate Communications Officer Imran Khan said WICB is hoping to provide live streaming – via its website windiescricket.com – of four-day matches in the later stages of the current competition in which the third round fixtures are being contested this weekend.

“As you know the tournament is not sponsored and the WICB is bearing all the costs for it. What we are looking to do though is -some of the later round matches and certainly the semi-finals and finals – to have video footage streamed live online that you would be able to watch via windiescricket.com,” Khan said…


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