Saeed Ajmal, the Pakistan offspinner, has had his bowling action called into question by Viv Richards. Ajmal was the Man of the Series for his 17 wickets in two Tests against West Indies, but concerns have been raised over the legality of his action.

“Let me put it as mildly and as diplomatically as it can be put,” Richards told ESPNcricinfo. “When you look at bowling actions for offspinners in the world at present, the [15 degree] rule made by the ICC has bred what we’ve seen this series. I wouldn’t be blatant as some others, but the rules have helped the freaky stuff we have at present. It accommodates doosras and things we see like that…”

“The problem is that whenever they [West Indies] are confronted by top-class spinners they freeze,” Richards said. “It’s creating a paranoia and someone needs to ask the batsmen what’s needed. I think they need to prepare for the bowlers they are going to face better and watch them more regularly. [At the moment] they just go out and rely on guesswork…”

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    Case of sour grapes Viv? The umpires around the world has not questioned his action but you do.