Dr Webster, meantime, has repeated calls for Cameron to step down as WICB president.

The embattled Jamaican sports administrator has come in for widespread criticism for his role in ongoing conflicts between the WICB and regional cricketers.

Dr Webster has blasted Cameron as the “worst President” and says the effect of Adams and law on regional cricket will be limited if Cameron refuses to step-down.

“But it is not enough. I think that the president of the West Indies Cricket board must go and they must be structural reform of the board if we are to progress. Dave Cameron is by far the worst president that I have ever seen in those 50 years. It is not even a close call,” said Webster, whose 50 year involvement in sports also includes basketball, soccer, motor racing, Golf and Australian football.


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  1. Which President was better? Where do you rank Hilaire? (correct spelling of name?). I have never seen one president who took or is taking the players interest at heart, they are selected to fulfill their own personal agenda. Every single one of them picked fights with the players from the region. WI need a cricked board president who actually understand and played the game. Can one be found?
    Just a few questions, any answers?