IN a strange way, serving a two-year international ban for match fixing has made Marlon Samuels a better cricketer.

Most of the young fans who watched Samuels make his debut for the Melbourne Renegades at ANZ Stadium last night probably wouldn’t have been aware the West Indian only returned to world cricket last year…

The 31-year-old this week told The Daily Telegraph he had not done anything wrong.

“And if I had done anything wrong, that would be so discouraging for me that I don’t think I’d come back,” Samuels said.

“But because of the unjust situation I was in, and what happened to me, it motivated me more and made me realise I had so much to prove, and still so much to give and gain.

“For me, failure is not (an option) for me…”

“In the game of cricket you’ll fail more than you’ll succeed, and you have to try and have a strong mind,” Samuels said.

“A strong mind is the best thing to have in cricket, In T20s, Tests and one-dayers, 95 per cent of game we play is upstairs. That’s what I’m learning at the moment.

“That’s what I learned (while suspended).

“It’s like a movie, like a karate movie, when you notice the guy gets beat up, he goes into the wilderness, finds himself and comes back an even stronger fighter.

“I’m back playing international cricket, and I’m a much stronger person, a strong fighter, stronger in the mind, and I’m much more dedicated to everything I’m doing…”


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