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  1. @jp

    The issue of unequal and inconsistent treatment of players whether it is on the basis of ethnicity or which Island they originate need serious and proactive attention. Much like get Racism out of Football initiative all over Europe.

    Many of us have fought to ensure equality and get rid of stereo typing black people, racist ‘fans’ throwing banana peels on the terraces, making monkey noises to refer to black players, demonising physical features of the Black person etc.

    Yet we are happy and feel it inoffensive to take a dart at Whites and use terms like Roti Belly in derogatory ways.

    Embed good practices and work towards a level playing field. Whites and Indians are not new arrivals to the region and there are perspectives other than that of Blacks.

  2. Shiv Chanderpaul has been the back-bone of WI for the past 17 yrs. Y this idiot Gibson would drop this guy in his last world cup. Drop him when WI had games against too small teams….the man needed to play to find form but Gibson wanted to push his friends and color in games in front of Shiv. Gibson even push Sammy to bat infront of Shiv. WICB finally show the RACIAL-NESS that was there from the start.


    This suggests the selectors are looking to Sammy for the long haul even though he cannot make the test team.

    IMO, the selction pamel should comprise of two per Islan group so there will be 10 selectors more able to cover regional cricket, increase transparency and reduce accusations of bias.

    West Indies Cricket will not flourish as long as Sammy is at the helm, despite his enthusiasm.