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    I am not sure Gayle maximised this opportunity to more succinctly state his case. I will repeat that meetings with the WICB and the WIPA, given Hillaire’s ego, should be mediated.

    You can see Gayle was moderating his tone which is very good but should we ask the question why has Gayle been in conflict/ misunderstood by those he deals with?

  2. @dane

    Well you heard what Shiv said about Gibson and the messages and being told how to bat etc. Look at Sarwan, he is a shodow of himself with no confidence whatsoever.

    You need fit players and this team is lead by a man who should not be in that team on merit and that is also part of the problem. Sarwan will find it almost impossible to return to this test team.

    I think our players can compete with this Indian team but for leadership.

  3. West Indies isn’t short of talent, Even Dhoni said it the other day, our players are just as good as the Indians.Whats the problem then….think about it? The WICB a set of egotistical bastards holding the regions cricket to ransom… Not just now but also in the past

  4. I feel like sprayin out WICB with some Baygon

  5. The problem with wicb and its members is that they talk too much, they don’t no what and when to talk, they are suffering from a case of verbal diarrhea, so you know when the speak what is coming from their mouths. I wish to God there is a case against Beckels and he pays dearly for his country bias remarks.