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Ronsford Beaton (WICB Photo)

Today I was privileged to have seen that wonderful opening spell during the 1st inning by Ransford Beaton for the Guyana Jaguars against the Leewards Franchise. I mean, I have seen him bowl many times before and it is difficult to say when he has failed to impress. But I will stick to that spell today.

From reports, history and from what I’ve seen in the match between the Jaguars and the Leewards Franchise, the pitch was slow. Didn’t really offer anything to the pacers. Yet Beaton, the 22-year-old Essequibian, came out with purpose and confidence. No one from Essequibo, one of three counties in Guyana, has played a higher level of cricket than Beaton. He bowled with great pace and accuracy on such a slow pitch.

The link I was using to watch the match wasn’t the best. Actually, it’s something 1970’s. Nonetheless, I was happy to have video of the games albeit very poor quality with only one camera angle and no replays. It’s all good.

Anyway, back to that wonderful spell by Beaton. He ran in hard and had the batsmen confused and at sea. His accuracy was something to behold. He was consistently on off-stump or just outside off, forcing the batters to play. And play they did. And miss they did,too. He was getting the ball to move in both directions. For about an hour he had the batters guessing. His first wicket was that of the Leewards Franchise opener Austin Richards LBW for 0 in his (Beaton’s) 2nd over.

He wasn’t finished. He was consistently beating the outside edge of the other Leewards Franchise opener Lyndel Richardson…one time he beat him 6 balls out of 6. Although he was beating the edge and bowling without luck, he never gave up and he didn’t experiment too much. He stuck to the basics…full length, good line just about off-stump, very good pace and he kept doing his thing.

The ball he bowled Akeem Saunders with to get his 2nd wickwet was a peach of a delivery. The previous ball he bowled to Saunders was just around off and went away and the batsman played forward only to be beaten outside off-stump…ball missing edge and stumps. The very next ball was straighter. Around middle and off and it straightened and knocked the off pole! Great delivery.

He wasn’t done there. He continued his wonderful, consistent bowling and also got the wicket of Richardson which he thoroughly deserved after beating him so many times.

That first spell was great. He came back for a second spell and wasn’t as effective. He lacked the pace and accuracy he had in the first spell and it shows that he still has some work to do. He needs to be a lot stronger and fitter. He certainly has the potential but in order to make it at the highest level he needs some more work and I have no doubt he will put in the hard work and we will see him donning the Maroon soon enough. Once he continues to work on his game and can bowl three proper, consistent spells in a day he will be a great asset to West Indies. Good luck to the young man and I see great things happening for him. I also feel he needs to bowl the bouncer a bit more but that’s for another rant.

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