The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has taken note of the repeated “calls to conduct a forensic audit of the Board in order to save West Indies cricket from absolute and total downfall” made by former officials of the WICB.

This call for a forensic audit was recently published by ESPNcricinfo on September 8, 2016. The WICB has been advised there are similar publications by the former officials.

These calls for a forensic audit by the former officials are without any basis in fact, and importantly, notwithstanding, that these former officials are aware that the WICB has for many years retained internal and external auditors.

The Board’s internal and external audits are done and authorised by Price Waterhouse and KPMG respectively, and accounts are published by or available from the WICB on all its platforms, including the website where the reports are available.

The WICB notes that these allegations appear triggered not by fact or evidence but an emotional reaction to the WICB’s response to the CARICOM sub committee’s report and other matters. These officials have completely ignored the written responses of the WICB.

The Board has been advised that in a number of instances the call for a forensic audit carries the suggestion of wrong doing and misappropriation of WICB funds by present members of the WICB. Additionally, it suggests the auditors are either incompetent or complicit.  These allegations are completely false, and seriously damaging to the reputation of the WICB, its members, and auditors.

The WICB has therefore decided that these are serious allegations and has referred the matter to Senior Counsel, Anthony Astaphan of Dominica, for his advice and recommendations.


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