Under-19 all-rounder Yannic Cariah had a promising debut for T&T, taking five wickets against the Windward Islands last weekend…

Cariah, a leg-spinner, did enough during his debut to warrant a place in the squad for T&T’s next match and the 18-year-old all-rounder says his first goal now is to cement his place in the team.

Speaking to the Express yesterday, Cariah said: “It was always a dream for me and when it finally came through, it was a great feeling.”

“I had a good performance against the Windwards…taking the last wicket and helping T&T win the match was a great feeling,” he added.

“The team was behind me 100 per cent,” he said. “It was the big game and they gave me their full support and I am thankful for that. When we went for lunch we had a plan to bowl to Fletcher and we stuck to the plan and we were rewarded.”

“When I go out to bat I always want to score a hundred and when I bowl I always want to take five wickets. I always try to give 110 per cent,” he concluded…


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  1. Well not a bad point because I would expect local boards to receive funding from the WICB and I know Trinidad and Tobago have a partnership with South Africa be it for School boys.

    Even the HPC would have its limitations and touring Canada is good to spread the worb but I am not how how much good it does for those players.

    In my experience the only Island where sponsorship seems more readily available is Trinbago and they have an academy etc.

    My other reason for suggesting the initiative is done under the auspices of the WICB is that it is within their framework and it avoids loss to the host nation. For example what sort of dialogue is the WICB having with Chesney Hughes….

  2. @Mail

    I agree.

    Many of our talent don’t have enough cricket against high level opponents. Something which county cricket provided for our past greats.

    I agree with your idea for the WICB to facilitate external contracts.

    I also think our regional teams need to start taking the initiative. We need to start having Guyana touring to South Africa and play a South African equivalent etc.

    Our Businesses needs to start stepping up to help us fund these tours. But I can’t help but feel it still falls back on the regional boards to staff themselves strategically to pursuit and attract such sponsorship.

  3. baxup,

    I do feel that many of our most talented players need to play more Cricket and apart from sporadic A Tours, the WICB should consider funding their placement in foreign Leagues like the English League. Some time ago Lawson played a bit in India and a bit in the UK but seems to have vanished from the scene.

    I know we have the HPC but we are not in the fortunate position where our players play in either the English League of elsewhere.

    I can see Barath and Brathwaite, the next real opening combination, benefitting from something like this. Just a thought.

  4. @Mail

    I am not a fervent follower of him.

    His name came on the radar in the recent U19 world cup. He played a key match winning innings for WI U19. Can’t recall against who.

    Since then he has done enough to get into the T&T squad but I would like to see him take it to the next level and start putting up consistent runs.

    He should no longer look at himself as a young guy out performing his age but rather as a young guy who NEEDS to out perform the regional level.

    He has the talent and it would be great to see him do it with the bat.

    Best of luck to him!

  5. Yeah I do not know much about him so I have to go on your judgement so let us hope he fulfills your expectation.

  6. @Mail

    even at the club level his batting and bowling is about the same par. He needs to lift his batting higher.

  7. I recall Botham scoring runs and Richards taking wickets on their debuts for Somerset. Hopefully Cariah will develop his batting as you suggested.

    A bit of trivia my Sister-in-Law used to make the teas at lansdowne where Richards played his club Cricket and spoke highly of him……ermmmmmmm

  8. You need to be contributing with the bat Yannic.

    Don’t fall into that category of regional players who try to keep their spot in the team as an ‘all rounder’. WI team needs batsmen and that’s what you should aim for!

    Good Luck!